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You may see this absurd balloon flying over London during Donald Trump’s visit


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A team of activists is planning to float a six-metre-high balloon of a baby Donald Trump over London during the US president’s visit in July.

According to the fundraising page for the stunt, “when Trump visits the UK on Friday the 13th of July this year, we want to make sure he knows that all of Britain is looking down on him and laughing at him”.

The inflatable Trump baby already exists, so the team are fundraising for the helium to fill it and launch it.

Dan, 26, one of the team behind the stunt, told the Press Association: “Most of what Trump stands for is, for many in this country, beyond the pale – whether that’s separating children from their families or attempting to trash action on climate change.”

“By inviting him here our Government is giving legitimacy to these actions… We’re going to be out there to put down a marker saying ‘he is not there in our name’.”

The team have already exceeded their £5,000 fundraising target – the current total is £7,977 – which they say will guarantee they can hire a barge if they fail to find a land site to fly the balloon from.

At the moment, Parliament Square is looking likely as the venue to launch Trump Baby into the skies, but the team is waiting to hear back from the Metropolitan Police.

They have looked into Civil Aviation Authority guidelines and believe they are flying the balloon low enough not to need approval.

Dan says any money left over after the event will be given “to organisations supporting the victims of Trump’s policies”.

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