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MI6 airs first TV advertising campaign in attempt to increase diversity among applicants


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MI6 has released its first ever television advertising campaign in an attempt to attract a more diverse set of applicants to the secret intelligence service. 

A recent survey suggested a lack of diversity within MI6, highlighting how women only make up 24.1 percent of the senior staff force and even more shockingly how there are no members of the BAME community holding senior positions.

In terms of non-senior employees, only 37.8 percent are women, with just 6.8 percent coming from BAME backgrounds. 

The advert, which was first broadcast on Channel 4 on Thursday (May 24), seeks to inspire a wider group of people to join the service and challenges the reputation which MI6 has gained from the James Bond franchise. 

It begins with the image of a shark circling a tank and goes on to suggest that intelligence is about “understanding others” and “helping them to see things differently", as opposed to the violent and dangerous world of 007. Members of MI6 were apparently worried that this stereotype of the service was preventing worthy prospective employees from applying. 

The tagline of the campaign; “secretly, we're just like you” serves to encourage those who would not have previously considered themselves eligible for a job in the intelligence service. 

The televised advert follows a campaign which was released in cinemas in early 2017, similar to the TV campaign, its main goal was to encourage a more diverse set of applicants. 

MI6’s Chief of Service spoke to the BBC stating that MI6 is looking for people who “challenge the status quo” in order, he says, for the service to “meet the challenges we face”. 

This advert is part of a larger series within the campaign which will encourage more people to apply for different roles within MI6 and will circulate across various media outlets. 




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