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Cambridge professor receives support after sharing racist hate mail


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Cambridge professor Priyamvada Gopal published racist hate mail that she had received at work. 

The letter called Gopal a 'deeply unpleasant,' 'stupid ' and a 'disgrace' to the university. The sender also used the n-word in the letter. 

After reporting the incident to Cambridge administrators, it was revealed that these letters were not an isolated incident and that there had been other similar mail sent to the college. 

'The response was that, oh, yeah, they too had received even longer ‘vile communications’ about me but had decided was ‘best to ignore’,' her tweet read. 

Gopal said that the university did not inform her about these messages and did not respond to them in any way. 

According to Gopal, she often receives hate mail after she writes about race or empire in a public setting. She tweeted other letters that she had received.  

The first letter told Gopal to relocate 'to India where you obtained your education - all the different Castes should keep you busy.'

The second letter was also racially-charged and attacked Gopal's views on empire and race.

It read, 'if we are so terrible, why stay? After all, you could return to your origins and assist your own folk, as any decent person would.'

The letters also included fake addresses and some were sent anonymously and were signed 'from one British citizen.' 

Gopal's use of social media to discuss issues of race and colonialism has been widespread. The professor was criticised in an article by the Daily Mail last month, where the writer called her a "prolific Internet troll." 

She took to Twitter to fight back against this classification, and many students and colleagues at Cambridge expressed their support for her. Additionally, the statement of support for her elicited more than 800 signatures

While the college released a statement reiterating its belief in Gopal's right to freedom of speech, Gopal and others were critical of the fact that the institution did not publicly support her content. 

Cambridge's lack of response to the latest hate mail is following this pattern, according to many on Gopal's Twitter page. 

Gopal and other students and professors are calling for the school to be more outspoken and direct in its institutional support of its professors in light of this most recent incident.     

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