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Woman claims promoter REFUSED her entry into Bonbonniere London because of her size


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Last Monday, Bethany-Maria Beales took to Facebook to express her disgust about being body-shamed by a club promoter.

The incident occurred on Sunday night at Bonbonniere.

Speaking to TNS, Drama graduate Bethany-Maria outlined the problems she encountered on the night out. She told us that a promoter invited her best friend Adrian to the London club with a plus one.

The promoter named by Bethany as Doug Wendel, requested a picture of Beales before he invited her. Her friend sent a picture and Wendel replied, “sick.”

On arrival, they were instructed to talk to the hostess, but they ended up having to wait in the queue for nearly an hour. 

Once the promoter came out to get them, he looked at Bethany and then asked to speak with Adrian. 

Beales said she could see her friend getting upset, so she went over to find out what was happening.  

Wendel told them that the table was full because it was allocated on a first-come basis.

"I couldn't heard what they were saying but I saw Adrian getting upset. I walked over and asked what was going on. Doug told me that he only had 20 spaces on the table and that it was first come first served."

As they were leaving, Andrian told Beales that the promoter had said she wasn’t the girl in the picture and that she was “too big” to fit the image of the club.

Beales' Facebook post shows screenshots of this conversation and the picture her friend sent to Wendel. 

A screenshot shows messages from Wendel that say “Lad you can come back,” “Sick party” and “But unfortunately your friend isn’t welcomed.”

Doug later confessed to Adrian that he made up the excuse about overbooking.

Bethany said she was furious about the incident. “I’ve recently lost a bit of weight and was proud of myself, so it was a bit of a slap in the face.” she told us.

Beales has shared her story on Facebook on her personal page and on pages of groups she’s involved in. She also left a review on the club’s page, as did several of her friends.

She was wearing a cream midi dress when she said she was denied entry to the London club Bonbonniere.

 “I was just so angry that he was able to say that to me with no repercussions because it means that he’s said it to other girls and potentially really hurt them,” she said.

 This is not the only incident Wendel has been involved in. In 2015, there was a similar event at the nightclub DSTRKT, where he was the head of marketing.

Four women, including actress Zalika Miller, were allegedly refused entry to the club and said the doorman told them they were "too dark" and "too overweight." 

DSTRKT denied any claims that the club had a racist or discriminatory door policy.

In a statement, they condemned "any type of racism or discrimination by customer or staff."

However, the incident caused protests and public comments. Protestors stood outside the nightclub holding signs and discussing the incident. Additionally, the Westminster City Council released a statement expressing concern about the incident. 

DSTRIKT did not admit to any wrongdoing.

Wendel is now the CEO and founder of DW Events, an event-planning company.  

Doug Wendel has been contacted for a statement

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