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New research shows employers value experience over education and now we're all doomed


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New research has revealed that employers value experience over education, which may come as a shock to students who are focussing mostly on getting a first. 

Research conducted by, a video news reporting network, shows that over two-thirds of employers believe experience is more valuable than qualifications when hiring graduates.

The research shows that 69% of hiring employers believe experience is an important asset when hiring graduates.  

Out of the employers surveyed, 72% also believe that there is too much emphasis on qualifications, whereas only 15% of employers consider hard skills such as qualifications are important on their own.

One-third of employers believe that softer skills like motivation and initiative are more important than hard skills such as maths and English. 

Employers are also beginning to state that a degree is no longer good enough to get a desirable job after university.

Dr James Ohene-Djan, co-founder of and Senior Lecturer at Goldsmiths, University of London, said: "Although we know education is important, we have found that there is nothing more valuable than gaining experience when striving for a successful career after university.

“Qualifications will always have their place but it is important to think about the benefits that real-life experience in your chosen field can give you, alongside your education. 

“Employers are looking for initiative as well as good grades and want to see evidence of a real passion in the field. It is clear that gaining real life experience is needed to set you apart from the others.”

Experience, personality and confidence were top of the list of attributes that employers look for when hiring graduates. Qualifications came fourth, whilst organisational skills and passion came last.

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