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Universities are luring students to communism says new data


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A leading historian has warned that universities are turning young people to communism after Marxist student Fiona Lali told the BBC that communism only failed because it was "not allowed to develop." 

Lali, who is President of the Marxist Society at the School of the Oriental and African Studies has been criticised for excusing the crimes of the Soviet Union on the grounds of external interference. 

"In the Soviet Union, for example, you can’t say that it was allowed to develop or flourish in the way that it could have done because the US, the British, they were all involved in attacking it," she told Radio 4. 

"There’s a lot of advantages, there’s a lot of gains from the Soviet Union."

Data from research consultancy ComRes found that young people aged between 18-24 thought big Business and the right-Wing are more dangerous in the world today than Communism. 

Only 9% said communism was the most dangerous to the world, whereas big Business and the right-wing each scored 24%.

During the broadcast, John Humphrey's prompted Fiona Lali on the historical success of capitalism over communism. Her response began with reference to the collapse of Carillion and the 2008 financial crisis as a contemporary criticism of capitalism, but continued to argue the historical case in defence of the Soviet Union.

According to the polling data there is no age group that places the threat of communism above right-wing pundits, politicians, and donors.   

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