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YouTuber who cemented his head inside a microwave was close to death


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Twenty-two year old Youtube prankster Jay Swingler was minutes away from death after cementing his head inside a microwave. 

Swingler's friend who was assisting him with the prank, called the emergency services after he filled a microwave with seven bags of Polyfilla.

It took five members from the West Midlands Fire Service crew an hour to free him. The department later tweeted that they were 'not impressed' by the stunt.

Watch Commander Shaun Dakin said Swingler "could quite easily have suffocated or have been seriously injured."

Screenshot from Jay Swingler's channel showing emergency services removing the microwave from his head

In a video posted after the incident, the prankster said he was pleased that his story had received wide coverage and saw it as a sign that he was doing 'something right on Youtube.'

'I won't even say I am defending myself because I don't care, I think the shit is hilarious,' he said. 'I should be fined just like the people who get into drunken fights and use the emergency services' time.'

Swingier revealed that he planned to get his head out before the Polyfilla set but the cement expanded quicker than anticipated.  

West Midlands Fire Service said they will not charge him as his life was in danger:

"He will not be fined as it was the ambulance service who called us and he was genuinely in need."

The video was part of an ongoing Christmas calendar challenge on his channel.

Featured image courtesy of West Midlands Fire Service

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