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Fans slam Zoella's 'overpriced' £50 advent calendar full of 'cheap tat', including a tiny pen and bag of confetti


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Popular Youtube star Zoella has been accused of trying to exploit her young fans by selling a self-branded £50 advent calendar full of ‘cheap tat’.

The calendar, which has 12 doors opposed to the traditional 25, includes a small pen and a bag of confetti among its gifts.

Unimpressed shoppers have left nearly 100 one star reviews on, where it is being sold, and have also slammed the calendar contents on social media.

A Tweet by Sophie Thompson, which highlights how “some working class families are probably busting their asses right now trying to afford that £50 Zoella advent calendar” when “it's worth about a fiver”, has over 13,000 ‘likes’.

On Boots website the product is described as an “ultimate Christmas calendar” full of “amazing and exclusive treats”, but you could say a more accurate description might be: ‘a collection of things you might find knocking about at the bottom of your handbag’.

The 12 gifts include a notebook, a pen, a small pencil case, stickers, a miniature candle, a votive (a candle holder), a 30ml room spray, a fluffy pom-pom keyring, a bauble, two cookie cutters (separate windows) and a small bag of confetti.

The candle included in the calendar is a miniature version of the Zoella Festive Cookie Candle which costs £12.50, and shoppers suggest the miniature equates to only being worth around £4.

In a scathing online review of Zoella’s calendar, Youtube vlogger JaackMaate shows how the cookie cutters - which currently retail for 77p on Amazon - are not very sturdy and can easily be bent with your fingers. He also points out how the price of the calendar is the same as a day's wages for a lot of people, suggesting the £50 price tag is excessive and “exploitation of young children”.

credit: Youtube/JaackMaate

It might seem harsh but considering one of the gifts is a tiny pen, many people have backed JaackMaate’s criticism.

Zoella, a.k.a Zoe Sugg, has over 12 million subscribers on her Youtube channel. She’s also won two Teen Choice awards and her large fan base is mostly made up of pre-teen and young teenage girls who look up to and idolise her.

Unsurprisingly, parents who have bought the calendar for their children feel they’ve been ripped off. One Boots reviewer writes: “Bought for my daughter and honestly think that of the £50 price tag, £49.67 of this is for the packaging”.

Following the backlash, a spokesperson for Zoella Lifestyle said: “Zoe is incredibly proud of the Christmas collection and excited to see it in store. However, the pricing and in store promotional strategy of the collection, including the calendar, is at the control of third parties and is not set by Zoe.”

So, while Zoe is not directly responsible for the pricing at least we know she is proud of the product she has created. 

It's safe to say a lot of her fans don't share the same sentiment:

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