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'Too clever for jail' student who stabbed her ex-boyfriend could return to the University of Oxford


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The medical student who was deemed ‘too clever for jail’ is believed to have found a loophole in the Oxford's disciplinary process to avoid expulsion.

Lavinia Woodward, 24, admitted to having thrown a laptop at her then boyfriend and stabbing him in the leg before attempting to stab herself while under the influence of drugs and alcohol.

Woodward was given a suspended sentence after Judge Ian Pringle QC said that a prison sentence would damage her career. Pringle's decision is under investigation by the Judicial Conduct Investigations Office.

The judge ruled that a custodial sentence would be too harsh for a woman of her 'extraordinary' ability.

It has been reported that Woodward has now suspended her studies for the duration of her sentence meaning that a staff panel who decide whether she should be expelled are unable to make their ruling until she states her desire to return.

Originally, it was understood that Woodward would voluntarily leave the university after her legal counsel James Sturman QC claimed that she was ‘reluctant’ to return in fear of being recognised.

Since the high-profile trial, Woodward has returned home to her parent’s house in Italy and has undertaken drug rehabilitation.

However, Oxford have warned Woodward that her readmission is not guaranteed.

Speaking to The Daily Telegraph, a senior source at Oxford claimed that both the Medical school and Proctor’s office would be forced to wait as late as 2019 before making their decision.

They believe that Woodward may be trying to ‘set the terms’ of the process, hoping that she is looked on more favourably after completing her sentence. However, they emphasised that she will still go through the same rigorous disciplinary action - regardless of how much time has passed.  


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