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Here are 5 ways students will be affected by the Uber licensing drama


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Since its 2012 launch, Uber changed the London scene and the black cab monopoly game by undercutting prices. 

It is no surprise then that students are amongst the ones that will be affected by TFL's decision to scrap Uber's London licence. 

Here is what we came up with:

Will it be safer or more dangerous for students after a night out? 

Mayor Sadiq Khan supported TfL’s decision not to renew Uber's licence over public safety concerns. Uber faces allegations of sexual assaults on passengers by its drivers. In August, Inspector Neil Billany criticised the company in an open letter 'over concerns with Uber not reporting serious crimes to police.'

The loss of the licence in London is likely to result in more students walking home after spending their money on a night out, leaving them vulnerable targets to the kind of abuse that were going unreported by Uber. So where does one draw the line? 

The ban will add to the cost of living in what is already the UK’s most expensive city

Speaking to TNS about Uber, University of London student Ben Hadfield said:

“I use Uber all the time, because they’re so much cheaper than black cabs in London. I’d rather walk or cycle than pay a ridiculous fee for a London taxi." 

However, Uber have argued that the decision is an insult to consumer freedom.

They have drafted in law firm Hogan Lovells to help with their appeal. The company claim that "Transport for London and their chairman the Mayor have given in to a small number of people who want to restrict consumer choice." 

A petition set up by Uber has already received over half a million signatures. 

Students are less likely to explore the city, limiting their choices

Speaking to TNS, Lancaster student Dan Haustead who lives at home in London said:

"It’s extremely annoying because Uber’s are much more readily available than other services such as black cabs, especially at night - they have night buses and night tubes on some lines but Uber is always much much quicker and easier to get.’

A greener capital for a greener generation

The silver lining to the shock news is a less congested London as more people were opting for car travel because of the cheaper prices offered by Uber. In 2016, The Licensed Taxi Drivers Association blamed private car hire companies like Uber for causing "unsustainable congestion," costing London £5.4 billion a year.

When asking students whether they would use London cabs instead of Uber, they responded by saying they were more likely to use public transport or walk the distance rather than spend their loan on rip-off rides. 

Stop crying because UberEATS is safe 

A spokesperson for UberEATS has confirmed that the food delivery service would not be affected by TFL's decision. 

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