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Young Labour's Jasmin Beckett accused of bullying after insensitive tweet


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Liverpool student Jasmin Beckett has been accused of racism after she implicated herself in a Twitter row between MP Jess Phillips and one of her constituents. 
Beckett, who is also the youth representative on the National Executive Committee responded to activist Nadeem Ahmed's tweet demanding an explanation from his MP after saying families of disabled British Pakistanis are importing wives from abroad.
Several Labour members called for her resignation from the NEC seat and others wanted her reported saying that her comment "these people" was insensitive and condescending towards members of her own party. 

The 45Minutes website (a blog set up by Labour members) accuse Beckett of rigging the North West Young Labour elections by "arranging for members to travel from around the country" to vote in them, against party rules.

As a member of the right-wing Labour Party group Labour First Beckett encouraged young people to vote for anyone but Corbyn.  Leaked conversations between Beckett and her friends also show them making changes to membership records. 

'There’s a tonne of people in this room undecided that I’ve gone round to and a smiley happy student might just give them the nudge onto us as opposed to a sweaty scary unite ogre,' one of her friends said in a private message.

In 2016, Labour launched an inquiry after accusations of a smear campaign by Beckett against her opponent and Oxford student James Elliot came to light.

This was after private messages from the National Secretary of Labour Students Josh Woolas were leaked in which he advised the group that the complaint against Elliot needed to look 'like a genuine complaint about racism and not a smear campaign.'

There is further suggestion that this was a calculated smear campaign as Beckett was caught organising a character assassination of her opponent by getting people to tweet ‘shocked my union HMB are supporting James Elliot who is anti-Semitic.' 

A formal complaint against Beckett was submitted to the party on the grounds of violating the Youth Election Code of Conduct.

She stands accused of disparaging another candidate and using their access to publicity to 'label them as antisemetic.'

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