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Oxford student ranks crisps from God Tier to Shit Tier and people are not ok with his choices


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Everyone has their favourites - maybe it's Wotsits, Hula Hoops, or the deceptively cheap Space Raiders.

But for Adam Higgins, his ranking from "God Tier" all the way down to "Shit Tier" is causing controversy on Twitter, and I don't think I've seen people this riled up over a ranking ever.

Gracing the "God Tier" are the likes of Cool Original Doritos, Slightly Salted Kettle Chips, and Original Pringles. Down at the "Shit Tier" are Skips, Squares and Twiglets.

His bio now says "I once made twitter lose their shit about crisps". He seems to be enjoying the response though - I think anyone would after 1k retweets and 3.5k favourites!

Understandably, he's had some outrage - it's even become political.

People have even started swapping crisps on the top and bottom tiers around!

And others are asking the question we're all thinking.

Despite the consistent outrage, he's prepared to "Defend [Hula Hoops] until the end".

Same, honestly. I'm with this person 100%. 

What do you think? Do you agree with his tiers or do McCoys and NikNaks deserve significantly higher tiers?

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