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This is why Millennials are more likely to cheat


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The University of Tennessee has carried out a study that reveals why Millennials are more likely to cheat on their partner.

104 young adults who had admitted to cheating on their partner in the last six months were surveyed on why they had done so. The results suggested that the greatest reason was interdependence; the feeling that your intimacy needs are not being satisfied. 73% of participants stated this as the main reason for their infidelity.

It is thought that, for Millennials, relationships are moving far slower than for previous generations and therefore a different attitude towards them is being adopted. An unnamed 24 year old who spoke to the Independent said that due to being “used to having attention in an instant”, specifically when speaking about social media and mobile devices, when you don’t get “instant gratification” from your partner, you may seek it somewhere else.

The study suggested that people may seek infidelity as part of their development, as they feel it may meet their needs for both interdependence and independence.

Two different attachment styles were identified in the study: anxious and avoidant. Those with anxious attachment tend to worry about losing their relationship which can often end in pushing partners away, whereas people with avoidant attachment try not to get too close to others whilst thinking that their intimacy needs are not being met.

It’s not all negative though as Jerika Norona, the lead author of the study had some advice for Millennials about getting into relationships. She suggested that they should first consider what they really want out of a new relationship as “this can help their individual and relational goals coincide”.

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