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Student pretends to be MP and is now being investigated by the House of Commons


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A student has been pretending to be an MP for a non-existent constituency, claiming it is for a “conceptual art project” - but now she is being investigated by the police and the House of Commons.

Ellen Kenyon Peers set up a fake Twitter account and website under the name, Ana Key MP - supposedly playing on the word, ‘anarchy.’ She claimed she was the first Socialist MP to be elected, having won the seat of Deptford and Greenwich, which does not currently exist.

Her website consists of forms for people to fill out with any concerns or issues they have. She also lists her pledges as MP, under the heading, "What do Socialists stand for?"

She even wrote a letter last month on paper with a fake House of Commons header, detailing concerns over bicycle safety.

Peers spoke to The Telegraph, stating that it is “a conceptual art project about what it would be like if a genuinely left-wing MP was elected" and claimed to have no intention of deception.

After it was revealed that Peers is not actually an MP, she released a statement on her Twitter account: “To put minds at rest, I would like to confirm that no potential ‘constituents’ have contacted me (ever) unless they had already agreed to be a part of the project.

“With regards to whether or not someone may have mistaken me for their MP: if people don’t know who their MP is immediately after a general election, we have a serious problem on our hands.

“The quotes on the website are real and were contributed by participants of the project and reflect the concerns of those living, working and attending college in the area.

“This demonstrates that sitting MPs are not dealing with issues that affect residents.”

The real MP, Vicky Foxcroft, represents Lewisham and Deptford and has spoken out about the possible damage this “project” may have done to local residents, as well as stating it could very well be illegal.

Foxcroft also spoke to The Telegraph, stating: “I have contacted the Security Operations Centre and it has been escalated to the police and Parliamentary Investigation Team.

From a casework perspective, I think this is extremely irresponsible.”

A spokesperson for The House of Commons told the Telegraph that they are aware of the possible severe consequences this stunt could have made and that “appropriate steps will, if necessary, be taken after it has been investigated by the Metropolitan Police.”

The Ana Key MP Twitter account has since been suspended.

Image credit: Twitter.

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