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First 'beer for her' released, because women couldn't possibly drink standard beer


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In 1918, property-owning women over 30 gained the right to vote. In 1928, all women over 21 had equal voting rights to men. In 1967, women were legally allowed to get an abortion. In 1970, the Equal Pay Act passed into law. Now in 2017, British women finally have their own beer to drink.

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Czech drinks company Aurosa has created a new beer especially for women, as “a representation of a woman's strength and a girl’s tenderness”, because apparently these are the two factors present in “the female essence”. According to the company, their aim has been to create a beer that would allow women to succeed without having to lose their “natural femininity”, as women have always been ignored by the beer industry.

Of all the things women have been fighting for throughout history, the cause that surely goes most ignored must be the struggle to replace Carlsberg and Tennent’s with a woman’s beer. For centuries women have been downing pints in pubs across the country that are actually repulsive to them, because lady taste buds are biologically designed to reject such a manly drink.

The bottling is designed to be typically feminine and appealing to women, with a smooth pink-grey marble pattern, reflecting the fact that women are physically unable to drink from a bottle of beer that comes in a manly colour such as manly black or manly brown – these colours just aren’t sophisticated or elegant enough for the modern woman in 2017.

A 330ml bottle costs €10 and the added cost of shipping to the UK costs another €10, meaning you would have to pay a ridiculous €20 for one bottle of beer.

While pub and drinking culture can have a problem with being too lad focused and aggressive, is the idea of a “beer for her” really the way to go in order to address these issues?

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