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Young girls are seeking 'vagina surgery' to improve their genital's appearance


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Young girls are so distressed by the appearance of their genitals they’re seeking surgery the BBC’s Victoria Derbyshire programme reports.

Paquita de Zulueta, a GP for over 30 years, said more and more girls were expressing worries about the way their labia looks.

Speaking to the Victoria Derbyshire programme, she said:

"I'm seeing young girls around 11, 12, 13 thinking there's something wrong with their vulva - that they're the wrong shape, the wrong size, and really expressing almost disgust.

"Their perception is that the inner lips should be invisible, almost like a Barbie, but the reality is that there is a huge variation. It's very normal for the lips to protrude."

According to NHS records, in 2015-2016 more than 200 girls aged under 18 had labiaplasty, with over 150 of these girls under the age of 15.

Labiaplasty is surgery which involves shortening or reshaping the vaginal lips.

In recent years an increasing number of girls have been seeking the surgery according to doctors, with some experts suggesting that concerns young girls have about their genitals looking ‘odd’ coming from pornography, which gives them an unrealistic representation of how their genitals should look.

"People around me were watching porn and I just had this idea that it should be symmetrical and not sticking out,” Anna, who had considered having labiaplasty from the age of 14, told the BBC.

"I thought that was what everyone else looked like because I hadn't seen any normal every day [images] before then.

NHS England said none of the operations on girls aged under 15 in 2015-2016 were carried out for cosmetic reasons.

Dr Crouch, who chairs the British Society for Paediatric and Adolescent Gynaecology, thinks only girls with a medical abnormality should have the procedure.

"I find it very hard to believe there are 150 girls with a medical abnormality which means they needed an operation on their labia,” she said.

She added that she believed there are parallels between labiaplasty and female genital mutilation (FGM), which is an illegal practice in the UK:

"The law says we shouldn't perform these operations on developing bodies for cultural reasons. Current Western culture is to have very small lips, tucked inside. I see this as the same thing".






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