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Superdrug are now selling a morning-after-pill that's 50% cheaper than usual


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Superdrug is selling an affordable morning-after-pill in 200 stores and online.


Previously, women who needed the emergency contraceptive had to get it by being prescribed it by their GP or by purchasing it from a pharmacy for between £25 to £30.

Now women will be able to buy it much more easily and cheaper from Superdrug as the retailer has begun selling a generic version called Ezinelle for £13.49.

Trying to get the morning-after pill can  be difficult; with cuts to sexual health clinics and GP appointments not always easy to come by some women who need the pill simply go without if they can’t afford to buy it directly from a pharmacy.  

And even if you can afford it, if it’s a Sunday morning and you live in a rural area there’s going to be no doctors surgeries or pharmacies open anyway.

Speaking about the introduction of a cheaper morning-after-pill, Michael Henry, healthcare director at Superdrug, said: "Its availability will give women more choice and access to this medication at a time when they are most in need."

By making a more affordable version widely accessible both in stores and online, Superdrug is taking a step in the right direction and helping to break down the barriers women face when trying to access emergency contraception.

Ann Furedi, chief executive of the British Pregnancy Advisory Service (BPAS), said:

“We are delighted Superdrug has taken this trailblazing step, and look forward to other major retailers following its lead.”

“We know the high cost of emergency contraception can be a major barrier to women accessing it when their regular method fails. Superdrug has illustrated that it's perfectly possible to sell this safe and effective medication to women at a significantly more affordable price than is currently on offer.

BPAS have also confirmed they will continue to campaign for all retailers to stock a fairly priced emergency contraceptive. So, here’s looking at you, Boots.

While Superdrug’s version is cheaper than other named pills like Levonelle it still contains the same amount of active ingredient levonorgestrel. It also works within 72 hours of unprotected sex or if a usual contraceptive has failed, so although it is cheaper it works in the same way.

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