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Professor says government money should go toward bringing international students to the UK


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A professor has announced that he thinks government money should pay for international student fees, instead of students having to pay extremely high prices themselves to study in the UK, once Brexit goes into effect.

Len Shackleton, a professor of Economics at the University of Buckingham, thinks international fees for students need to be removed altogether. As an alternative, money from the Department for International Development (DfID) should be used to bring in candidates from impoverished and war-torn countries, and allow for student mobility.

According to The Independent, Shackleton has presented his ideas at an education conference, stating that the DfID is “sitting on large sums of money - why not direct some of it towards bringing third world students to UK universities?”

Continuing, Shackleton wants higher education in the UK to be “opening out to the wider world.”

Shakleton’s comments reflect wider concerns of the future of UK’s higher education system post-Brexit. As of now, EU students pay the same tuition price at UK universities as national students. Once Brexit is in effect, however, they will become international students and be charged international fees, which can go up to £30,000 per year. They will also need to apply for a student visa or short-term study visa.

While Brexit will significantly affect EU students studying in the UK, Shackleton is adamant on providing opportunities for students in developing countries. He believes this is “encouraging future leaders, entrepreneurs, teachers, doctors, lawmakers.” Helping developing countries leave aid dependency behind is “firmly in the UK’s national interest”, he concluded.

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