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Watch the moment a shouty Corbyn fan gets thrown out of Question Time by David Dimbleby

23rd June 2017

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A Labour supporter was thrown out of Question Time by David Dimbelby last night, after repeatedly shouting over the panel.

The Corbyn supporter, dressed in a brightly coloured shirt, was removed after shouting over Justice Secretary David Lidington.

He yelled that the country should “tax the rich” that Theresa May is a “zombie Prime Minister”.

He has since been identified by Mail Online as a Steve German, from Taunton, who apparently refers to himself as a “Tory buster”.

Dimbelby had previously told him: “I know you have your views. You’re one person in an audience of 150, I don’t want you taking over this programme. He’s speaking, let him speak.”

But the presenter eventually lost his patience, telling German “I think you ought to leave”.

German then sheepishly left, to cheers from the audience.

Watch the moment below...

Last night’s Question Time took place in Plymouth. Today marks the one anniversary of the Brexit vote.

The panel also included Gina Miller, the businesswoman who brought the Brexit decision to the Supreme Court earlier this year.

It wasn’t the only heated part of the discussion – Miller was confronted by a woman who repeatedly insisted that “none of us need to know yet exactly what’s on the table” in terms of Brexit.

“Wendy” has now been dubbed “angry Brexit lady” by the internet.

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