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Grenfell Action Group warned about unsafe fire safety standards as far back as 2013


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The massive fire at Grenfell Tower was a surprise to many, but the Grenfell Action Group saw it coming.

The Grenfell Action Group has made multiple blog posts, dating all the way back to 2013, about the unsafe fire safety standards in the building.

These posts identify problems such as continuous power surges, which four years ago caused the loss of hundreds of domestic electrical appliances through their catching fire and burning out. One post describes the Grenfell Tower power supply as being in a in a "highly volatile and dangerous state".

They also identify a complete lack of fire safety advice as recently as November 2016, in one post which reads:

In the last twenty years and despite the terrifying power surge incident in 2013 and recent fire at Adair Tower, the residents of Grenfell Tower have received no proper fire safety instructions from the KCTMO. Residents were informed by a temporary notice stuck in the lift and one announcement in a recent regeneration newsletter that they should remain in their flats in the event of fire. There are not and never have been any instructions posted on the Grenfell Tower noticeboard or on individual floors as to how residents should act in the event of a fire”.

Although this issue was later rectified, a failure to carry out similar actions in other nearby towers seems to be indicative of a lax attitude towards the safety of residents in the blocks.

With their most recent post, just after news of the fire broke, the group reiterated their countless and consistent attempts to warn the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea about the lack of adequate health and safety regulations for the many tenants. They include links to some of the various posts they have made about these issues in the past few years, all of which include similar content stating the urgency of the matter and looking to Tenant Management Organization (TMO) for changes to be made for the safety of the tenants. 

In a post dated 20 November 2016, they made a retrospectively eerie prediction that “only an incident that results in serious loss of life” will lead to any action to be made.  

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