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Ex-Tory MP angrily messages former constituent and calls him a 'thick chav'


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A Conservative MP who lost his seat last week following the snap election has since sent a former constituent abusive messages on Facebook.

Stewart Jackson had been MP of Peterborough for 12 years but lost his seat to Labour last Thursday. On Monday he sent his former constituent Christian Stanley abusive and insulting messages.

Calling him a ‘“thick chav” and a “pillock” Mr Jackson also said: “You’re so thick you could chop meat on your head."

Mr Stanley shared screenshots of the private messages in a Facebook post, writing alongside them:

“Having never spoken to him before, he contacted me via FB and what followed was a barrage of abuse and name calling by him. He was contacting me because I left some remarks about him on social media regarding his MPs expenses.”

Credit: Facebook/Christian Stanley

Mr Jackson has been publicly criticised for his expenses in the past: according to The Telegraph his previous expenses claims include £304 for work on his swimming pool, £741 for a king-size bed and £775 for plumbing work in his “summer room”.

In 2013 Mr Jackson was also sued by the expenses watchdog for refusing to pay back £54,000 he was alleged to have made in capital gains on his publicly funded house.


Credit: Facebook/Christian Stanley

Since the messages were shared other Peterborough constituents have come forward and alleged that Mr Jackson has blocked them on social media for opposing his views when he was a sitting MP. 

Commenting on Mr Stanley's Facebook post Sarah Wiles wote: 

"He blocked me on twitter when we held a bedroom tax protest outside his 2nd home in Peterborough."

While another person, going by the Facebook name Thurston FW Christine, wrote: 

"He blocked me during the last election campaign when I asked him what his stance was on LGBT issues."

As well as his expenses scandal, Mr Jackson has also had other controversies. Pink News reported in 2015 that an IP address registered to the Houses of Parliament removed information about gay rights criticism from Mr Jackson’s Wikipedia page. The criticism was in relation to an email  he had sent to a lesbian constituent who disagreed with his opposition to same-sex marriage.

Mr Jackson isn't the only Tory to be caught out insulting someone on social media as Robert Syms, the Conservative MP for Poole recently called someone a dick on Twitter. 



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