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Southern Rail even managed to cause delays on the road and people are finding it way too funny


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Frustrated Southern Rail passengers probably thought, during the strikes and cancellations in the last few weeks, that delays couldn’t possibly get worse.

Like, we’re pretty sure no-one would have envisioned a truck carrying a Southern Rail train carriage becoming “wedged”, and awkwardly causing delays for, erm, motorists.

You really couldn’t make it up, could you? The lorry tried to navigate a tight corner on the road and became stuck on Wednesday night. It held up traffic for half an hour, according to eyewitness Luke Alexander.

Oh, the irony indeed.

Alexander, who works at a bar opposite the junction, said he had gone outside after hearing a “commotion”.

“I think the truck taking it had taken the wrong route and it had completely jammed itself on top of the crossroads,” he said.

“Everyone was finding it the most hilarious thing – including the truck drivers themselves who were trying to negotiate it through the crossroads.”

And people on Twitter have, unsurprisingly, been finding the tricky situation pretty hilarious too.

But Alexander said onlookers took the delay in “good spirit” and people broke into “huge applause” when the lorry managed to turn the corner.

We’re glad to hear this particular Southern Rail delay was sorted out.

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