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All the most important moments from Theresa May's first 100 days as PM

20th October 2016

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Theresa May is in her 100th day as Prime Minister of the UK, after succeeding David Cameron in July. Let’s take a look at some of the big things that have defined her time in office.

Although the new PM has only been in office a short time, she has been dealing with some of the most significant and turbulent moments in British politics for decades.

The country’s decision to leave the European Union is undoubtedly one of the most significant moments in the recent history of Britain and May has been dealing with orchestrating the move. She has said repeatedly “Brexit means Brexit” and true to her word has now said Article 50, the legislation for a country leaving the EU, will be triggered by at least the end of March 2017.

May and Corbyn in the House of Commons
May’s speeches in the House of Commons have been memorable, particularly when replying to questions from Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn (PA wire)

Meanwhile, May’s opposition has been in something nearing turmoil while the Labour Party has struggled to get to grips with the leadership of Jeremy Corbyn. It eventually had to rally behind him as he won another Labour leadership contest – against Welsh MP Owen Smith.

This is something which did not go unnoticed by the PM and the blows she has exchanged with the Labour leader in the House of Commons have begun an eye-catching rivalry, which may have affected the polls.

Polls in May's first 100 days
The polls since Theresa May started her leadership of the Conservative government have seen erratic changes (PA Graphics)

Finally, unfortunately for May, a defining feature to the new PM’s first 100 days has been the rapid reduction in the value of the pound. This is of course not a completely fair reflection on May’s leadership, given the circumstances of Britain’s prospected exit from the EU and Single Market, but it does tell us something about the challenges she faces in the future.

Value of pound in May's first 100 days
The pound has plummeted in value in recent months, while inflation has also risen (PA Graphics)

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