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Young adults in the north of England are the most academically disengaged


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Young people from Liverpool, the Tees Valley and Humber are the most disengaged from their education.

A recent study has identified the areas in England where young people are less focused in their studies based on six indicators (including truancy and under performance), compared with GCSE expectations. The regions found to have the most young people at risk of disengagement were predominately in the north.

Disengagement at this level can negatively affect adolescents in their future, where they may face difficulties as they transition into work. There could also be a damaging impact on businesses’ talent networks, leaving them with a smaller pool to pick employees from.

Research has, however, shown that mentoring can have a positive impact on young people while they’re in school, as well as providing benefits for the mentors and employers themselves.

In order to tackle the issue a new investment fund has been created with this principle in mind. The Mentoring Investment Fund is targeted towards those found to be most at risk of not living up to their full potential or being disengaged. The funds will finance a country-wide network of mentors to support these students.

Claudia Harris, the CEO of government-backed organisation Career and Enterprise Company, says:

“Too many young people across England are at risk of disengaging from education with a lasting impact on their futures. Research shows mentoring can have a transformative effect on future achievement by helping young people recognise what they are good at and what is valued in the world of work, and by providing inspiration about the future.”

The Careers and Enterprise Company originally conducted this research to help guide the distribution of The Mentoring Investment. The fund is estimated to make £12 million available over the next four years and the money will be distributed to proven mentoring organisations to help them scale-up their practices.

“We will work with the mentoring community to support and celebrate these powerful mentoring relationships. Working together, we can empower young people to take control of their future,” Harris says.

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