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7 things remainers can actually feel positive about

5th July 2016

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For many people who voted to Remain in the European Union, feelings of anger, confusion and grief have not gone away, no matter how many Leave supporters say to “just get over it”.

There’s been a horrifying rise in racist hate crime since the referendum result, full-scale meltdown in both main political parties, a deep division in the country and a future that looks uncertain for so many reasons… But we’re here to help your Brexit hangover with some positive vibes.

Here are a few things to feel optimistic about.

1. Increased widespread political engagement

How many people have posted something on Facebook or struck up a conversation about the referendum results that have never appeared to express an interest in politics before? Our guess is quite a few. The backlash of the referendum result may mean higher turnouts in future general elections.

2. Scenes like this

(Kaname Muto/AP)

On Saturday thousands took to the streets of London to show their love for the EU and protest against plans to leave it.

3. The referendum result isn’t legally binding

EU referendum
(Jonathan Brady/PA)

David Cameron stepped down without invoking Article 50 and the process of actually leaving the EU has been put on the back-burner while the Tories decide who’ll be their next leader. The referendum alone doesn’t trigger the UK’s departure. A law firm is taking action to ensure that a full debate and vote in Parliament would be needed for Brexit to actually happen - and more MPs voted to Remain than to Leave.

4. This is how Michael Gove drinks water

If Ed Miliband can be crucified for eating a bacon sandwich weirdly, Michael Gove might not become PM after everyone’s seen how he drinks water.

5. Boris Johnson and Nigel Farage are out of the picture

Former London mayor Boris Johnson announces that he will not run for leadership of Britain's ruling Conservative Party in London and Nigel Farage steps down as leader of UKip
(Matt Dunham/Geert Vanden Wijngaert/AP)

They were the Brexit heavyweights but not long after 52% of voters sided with them to leave the EU, both have stepped down. There was a big sigh of relief (plus anger and resentment) when Boris announced he would not be going for Tory leadership after being stabbed in the back by political ally Michael Gove.

Now Nigel Farage – responsible for that anti-immigrant poster – has quit as leader of Ukip, saying he’s “done his bit” and “wants his life back”.

Once your blood stops boiling, remember that if we do leave the European Union at least Farage will lose his job as an MEP too.

Silver linings.

6. Tim Farron

Farid Gassanly – I had the chance to speak with Tim Farron… | Facebook

The Lib Dems have vowed to fight to keep the UK in Europe if they were elected. Party leader Tim Farron thinks they’ll be a general election within the next months and that “the electorate should go through a process of thinking again”. He addressed the pro-Europe march in London, saying his party would seek the guarantee for EU nationals living in the UK (an issue Theresa May has skirted around).

7. Germany could offer Britons dual citizenship

Sigmar Gabriel, Vice Chancellor and Chairman of Germany's Social Democratic Party, SPD
(Markus Schreiber/AP)

If you’re a Brit living in another EU country you’re probably pretty worried right now. But Sigmar Gabriel, the German vice chancellor, said he would raise the issue of offering dual citizenship to young Britons if Brexit goes ahead, in Germany’s general election next year. The opposition party has also called for Germany to make it easy for Brits living there to get a German passport and there’s hope that other countries would follow suit.

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