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Londoners are handing out scones to French people to say sorry for Brexit

28th June 2016

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Operation Croissant couldn’t stop Brexit from happening, but now Operation Scone is hoping to save our friendship with France.

Last week, postcards persuading Brits to remain in the EU were written by Parisians, transported via Eurostar and given out at Kings Cross St Pancras, after the initial plan to give away 600 croissants was banned under Electoral Commission guidelines.

However, all that is dead and buried, as Brits decided to spurn the French and voted to leave the EU anyway.

#operationSCONE hits the #metro and #tim…

But Operation Scone has stepped in to try and restore relations, giving scones and postcards to French people getting on and off the Eurostar at St Pancras to make them feel loved.


Sarah Fox and Jules Middleton set up the project, and have so far given out around 60 scones and postcards.

Sarah said: “After spending Friday feeling really depressed about the result and unable to concentrate, we felt we had to do something to show our EU friends that this wan’t the result Londoners wanted.”

Operation Scone volunteers hold a sign.

But as much as Londoners want to stay in the EU, they are (for now) part of the Britain that voted to leave.

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