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21 of the most gloriously odd moments from the EU referendum campaign

23rd June 2016

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As the campaign for the EU referendum draws to a close, we take a look back over some of the most ridiculous, cringey and downright bizarre moments with almost a faint sort of fondness.

1. When everyone was surprised to see June Sarpong again

2. When Remain tried really hard to engage the yoof

3. When Vote Beaver became a thing

4. When Boris Johnson waved around an EU-protected Cornish pasty

Boris Johnson holds a Cornish pasty on the bus
Mmm, delicious irony (Stefan Rousseau/PA)

5. When all the main acts pulled out of a pro-Brexit concert once they realised it was a pro-Brexit concert

6. When Boris got an unusual groupie

Boris Johnson is followed by an activist wearing a gorilla suit
Just monkeying around (Dominic Lipinski/PA)

7. When some people found themselves agreeing with pro-Remain Jeremy Clarkson

8. When pubs got political

both sides of a beer mat which has been printed by the company
Pro-Brexit beer mats fresh off the press for JD Wetherspoon (JD Wetherspoon/PA)

9. When Vote Leave offered to hand out a crazy amount of money for guessing things about football

the vote leave website where people can predict football scores and win money
£50 million, yes please (Screengrab/

10. When Joey Essex chatted about clothes with Jeremy Corbyn

11. When George Osborne put the benefits of remaining in the EU in layman’s terms

12. When someone thought a cloud looked like Margaret Thatcher and took it as an EU omen

Clouds GIF – Find & Share on GIPHY

13. When David Cameron did his best Kardashian impression

david cameron on the phone to potential voters
Look at that POUT (Stefan Rousseau/PA)

14. When this video came into existence

15. When Farage and Sir Bob Geldof fought over fishing on flotillas

16. When people caught sight of Donald Trump and Boris Johnson kissing in Bristol

Not #InFor this? Then make sure you register to

17. When Andy Murray became an unexpected symbol for Brexit

18. When the gravity of the situation was boiled down to a simple kebab shop scenario

19. When one MP decided it would be a good idea to retell the story of the EU debate using cuddly toys, strange voices and jolly music

20. When people resorted to using their cats as a campaigning tool on Twitter

21. When Boris Johnson kissed a fish

Boris Johnson kissing a fish
Fishing for votes (Stefan Rousseau/PA)

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