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What would you do for a friend?


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A new study by Forever Friends indicates that almost 9/10 Brits find trustworthiness to be the number one trait they look for in a friend; 86% of the 2,000 people surveyed ranked it as a top personality trait, while 79% ranked loyalty as most important.

So, considering the levels of loyalty expected, just what would Brits do for their friends? Turns out half would share and have shared secrets they won’t even share with their spouses, and 35% are willing to lie for their friends.

68% said they would make them soup when they're ill, and 64% would take a call in the middle of the night for them. Nearly half (41%) would lend them £1,000 and a really dedicated 26% would give them a kidney.

Sound like a lot? Questioning how great a friend you really are? Don't worry – Forever Friends friendship expert has some advice for keeping long-term friends; she suggests planning events in advance, connecting frequently on the phone or in person, demonstrating gratitude, marking life events with small gestures and giving constructive advice.

Not so bad – at least these ideas don't involve lying, and you get to keep your kidneys.

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