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Banana-wielding gorilla confronts Boris Johnson over Brexit debate

27th May 2016

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Boris Johnson was surrounded by Vote Leave and Vote Remain activists as he visited Winchester on Thursday.

He’s currently touring around the country on board his Vote Leave campaign bus, ahead of next month’s EU referendum. And ready for his arrival in the Hampshire city’s centre, supporters of each side in the Brexit battle met on the historic Buttercross.

As the Tory MP and former London Mayor attempted to give a speech, a lot of it was drowned out. Opponents were shouting “Liar, liar” – yep, you could say there was a bit of a lively atmosphere in Winchester.

activists surround boris johnson
Can you spot the banana in the crowd? (Dominic Lipinski/PA)
And there was one particular activist that really stood out from the crowds.

Someone dressed in a full-on gorilla suit followed Johnson round, with a sign in their hands saying: “I eat five in a bunch Boris.”

ICYMI, Boris Johnson has claimed the European Union prevents bananas being sold in more than bunches of three. He called it “absurd”, but people have been quick to call him out over this claim.

So we’re guessing that was the inspiration behind this particular get-up …

gorilla suit activist behind boris johnson
Must have got hot inside that costume… (Dominic Lipinski/PA)
There was more fancy dress on show – another person was dressed as a banana, holding a placard saying: “Vote stay, let’s not crash the economy.”

Meanwhile, supporters of Johnson applauded him and several asked him to pose for selfies (of course they did).

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