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Watch Boris Johnson talk a student out of egging him at Brexit rally

24th May 2016

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Boris Johnson needed to draw on his powers of persuasion to stop a student protester from throwing an egg at him in York on Monday.

The former Mayor of London was in Yorkshire as he continues to champion the Leave campaign ahead of next month’s Brexit vote - but he needed to do some convincing of a different kind after 22-year-old Simon Grigg was spotted in the crowd with three eggs.


After clocking Grigg (and his eggs), Boris unexpectedly took the socialist approach to defusing the situation: “There’s a young man here who had eggs he was going to throw at me, can you believe it? There are people hungry in this country, my friend. Don’t waste those eggs.”

Grigg later revealed that he brought the eggs to the rally as an act of protest - but that he didn’t actually intend to throw them.

“No, I was not going to throw an egg. The egg was just to mess with them. The egg was to cause a scene,” he said.


Former Mayor of London Boris Johnson, sits in the drivers seat of a Ginetta sports car
(Stefan Rousseau/PA)

We're not sure we fully believe Grigg.

Denying that he was going to lob the egg at Boris wasn't all he had to say about the matter, though. 

Apparently, he wasn't at the rally to protest against Brexit at all - in fact, it was a direct protest against the Conservative Party. 

He said: “Today was a protest against the Conservative Party, it wasn’t to do with Vote Leave or the EU.”

Grigg left with one egg still in his pocket, presumably in case he ran into Boris on the way home. 

He probably didn't run into him again, though - because Boris spent the rest of the day doing doughnuts in a £200,000 sportscar... as you do.



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