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Tinder users "twice as likely to have an STI"

2nd March 2016

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People who use Tinder are pretty likely to be harbouring an STI, if results of a recent survey are to be believed.  

Fans of our favourite sexy swiping app are twice as likely to be harbouring an itchy secret in their pants as those who have never used it, according to the (pretty grim) new research.

Online pharmaceutical company MedExpress questioned 2,899 UK-based sexually active adults who were aged 18 and over, 1,440 of whom were Tinder users and 1,459 who weren’t.

Overall, more than two thirds of respondents - 68% - said that they had regular one night stands (i.e. more than one a month.) Of those who did regularly indulge in no-strings sexy time, 79% were Tinder users.  

Overall, 76% of respondents who had used Tinder had also contracted an STI compared to 38% of those who claimed to have never used it.

Basically, if you swipe ten people in an evening eight of them (on average) are likely to need treatment for some kind of in-pants medical issue – whether they know it or not.  

It’s enough to send us immediately running to the Durex aisle.

And in further great news for fans of the dating app, the STI that Tinder users are most likely to contract is... genital warts.


31% of Tinder users who had had an STI had caught genital warts, whilst 29% had contracted herpes and 26% Chlamydia.

7% also admitted that they’d be diagnosed with trichomoniasis – and yes, we had to Google that too. (The first search mentioned “parasitic trichomonads.” Eek.)

For those who had never used Tinder, the most common STI - caught by 21% of respondents - was Chlamydia.

Separate research, this time from VoucherCodesPro, today revealed that one in three new relationships that began in 2015 started out on Tinder and that on average it takes 26 matches before a real connection is found.

Michael Ross, Spokesperson for, says: “It’s hardly a shock that so many of the individuals taking part in our study engage in regular one night stands.

“What is so shocking however, is the huge difference between the rate of STI’s caught by those who use Tinder compare to those who do not.”

The lesson is clear: always use protection, guys - unless you want parasitic trichomonads crawling around in your underwear...

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