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Teenager with cancer trying to raise £65k for life-saving treatment


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Teenager Jordan Lotter is suffering from cancer, and with no promise of a treatment in the UK he’s desperately trying to raise £65,000 to fund specialist treatment in Germany instead.

(Source: Charles Lotter/Just Giving)

Nine months ago Jordan, who is only 18, was told he had a malignant peripheral nerve sheath tumour, an extremely aggressive and rare type of cancer. He consequently had an operation to remove the tumour, as well as having chemotherapy. Both of these treatments appeared to have been successful and doctors believed he was in remission.

Sadly, Jordan was informed only two months later that the cancer was back and there was nothing doctors could do to help.

Jordan’s dad, Charles, researched possible treatments and found out about the Hallwang Clinic in Germany, which offers specialist treatment including immunotherapy.

On the NHS cancer patients are given chemotherapy as treatment, however this has negative side effects on the immune system because it weakens its functionality. This means a patient's fight against cancer is even harder, as with a weakened immune system they are more susceptible to illnesses and infections.

Immunotherapy is a treatment that aims to boost the body’s natural defences to fight cancer, however, it is not currently available on the NHS but is available abroad. Jordan and his family hope that by having treatment including immunotherapy there may be a possibility his condition could improve and he could fight the cancer for good.

Speaking to the Mail Online Charles said: “We were taken into a room and basically told that Jordan would die and that was it. The feeling after that I would liken to being lost at sea with no hope whatsoever."

He added: "As his dad it's my role to give him hope. That’s why I looked elsewhere.

"I believe that where there’s life there’s always hope. I think you should never give up hope. Miracles do happen."

Jordan’s 19th birthday is next month. Last Christmas he was cancer free, and was simply a normal and healthy teenager studying construction. Sadly, this year he’s fighting for his life.

£10,000 has already been raised to help Jordan, 15% of the overall £65,000 target.

You can donate to Jordan’s life saving treatment here.

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