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18-25 year old women most at risk of depression, survey reveals


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18 to 25 year old women make up 23% of depression and anxiety sufferers, according to research.

Pharma Nord, a preventative nutrition and dietary supplements company, carried out their survey as part of a project aiming to open up the conversation on female health in the UK.

Over 200 women aged 16 and over were surveyed. Among questions about mental health and general wellbeing, the company also asked about women's sexual health and experiences of childbirth and pregnancy.

The survey discovered that 18 to 25 and 45 to 54 year olds make up 23% of depression and anxiety sufferers. Depression was also the most common condition for women, with almost two-thirds of women citing a diagnosis.

This reflects previous studies on mental health which reveal depression is more common in females. One in four women will require treatment for depression at some stage, in comparison to one in ten men, according to the National Institute for Clinical Excellence.

“Managing mental health is one of the most successful ways to ensure good general wellbeing,” Pharma Nord explains, in an infographic about mental health.

When it comes to sexual health, chlamydia was found to be the most common STI across all ages. This was most prevalent in 25 to 34 year olds, along with HPV, genital warts and genital herpes.

28% of those aged 25-34 also complained of loss of sex drive, when asked about sexual dysfunction. 80% of all the women surveyed complained of loss of sex drive.

Additionally, 66% of 25 to 34 year olds consume five to 10.5 units of alcohol per week, according to the survey. This is compared to the average 1.8 units consumed by women per week.

Pharma Nord’s survey aims to “open the channels of conversation” on female health and how it can be improved. They add that it is clear many aspects of female health “should be more frequently discussed.”

“The survey was launched to get the nation talking about sexual health,” Annalaura Dallavalle, Product Manager at Pharma Nord UK, explains.

“Through acknowledging and openly discussing the challenges we face, we can remove stigma and improve awareness of the problems that many women face.”

Pharma Nord produced Lady Prelox, a natural product designed to improve desire, as well as pleasure and comfort during sex.

See the full infographic below. 

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