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This new site is about to change the way we think about sex shops

5th June 2015
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Even with sex shops (ok – Ann Summers) taking up their place on the majority of UK high streets, and the fact that everyone goes to Amsterdam, we’d probably be right in saying that there’s still something a bit, well, awkward about the purchasing of instruments to aid our sexual lives.

That might be about to change, though – because last night sexual health charity FPA launched its new venture: an online shop stocked with toys, alongside advice covering everything from sexual health to broader relationship advice to how to get the most out of your sex toys.  

FPA Pleasure has been created to “break the taboo around sexual enjoyment” – for both men and women, and particularly after rape, abuse or childbirth.

Essentially, it wants the UK to stop being prudish about what it wants in the bedroom – and to start talking about it without embarrassment.

It comes from the fact that sex, and orgasms, are incredibly good for you – not just because of the physical exertion and endorphins released, but also in terms of the mental bond that they create with your partner.

FPA Pleasure is aiming to attract both single people, and couples who want to step up their sex game.

The site was launched at an event at the Wellcome Trust in Central London – where the Undress Your Mind exhibition about the history of the study of sex is currently being held – last night.

Embarrassing Bodies star Dr Dawn Harper, who hosted the launch, believes that “Enjoying sex is an important aspect of human pleasure and can be key to a person’s overall wellbeing” and that “there’s no reason it should be a source of embarrassment or shame.”

She adds: “No matter who you are or what your background is, it is important to have support for the choices you make, or want to make, about your sex life.   “It is great that FPA is using its long tradition of providing trusted and evidence-based health information to help open up conversations around sex which are still considered taboo.”   

The FPA, which turns 85 this year, is ploughing a proportion of the shop’s profits back into its work around the UK - so you’ll even have the added benefit of knowing that you’re contributing to the charity’s vision of good sexual health for everyone whilst you’re purchasing your lube/lipstick vibrator/butt plugs.

It’s a win-win situation all round, really. We can’t think of any other sex shops that offer health advice and charitable donations alongside their vibrating stock as standard.

FPA’s CEO Natika H. Halil says: “We’ve achieved many great things in our long history, particularly around securing contraceptive rights, but now we want to help people shake off any feelings of embarrassment they still have about sexual pleasure.   “We want everyone in the UK to feel able to open up about what they like, what they’d like to try, and be more confident and comfortable in communicating with partners. This will in turn improve people’s overall feelings of wellbeing.”

Amen to that.

Get involved with the conversation on twitter @FPAPleasure and visit the site here.

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