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Dapper Laughs is back from the dead

23rd January 2015

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Despite claiming that he’s was being killed off at the end of last year, it seems that comedian Daniel O’Reilly has resurrected his Dapper Laughs persona - for a meet and greet at a club in Kent next month.

The Casino Rooms in Rochester will be playing host to Dapper Laughs on the 28th of February, according to their Facebook page.

The Casino Rooms is the same venue that hit the headlines in 2013 after offering free entry to women showing cleavage as part of its “National Cleavage Weekender.”

At the time, student protestors deemed it “disgusting on every level.”

The Facebook post reads that “Dapper Laughs is back from the dead and is On The Pull in a Kent Exclusive at Casino Rooms Rochester on Sat 28th February 2015.

“FREE Meet, Greet & Photo Opportunity! BOOM!”

They then embedded a “very clever & funny video”, in which Dapper is summoned back from heaven by God, where he is being attended to by a couple of winged angels, because he’s required on Earth.

“What killed me off is you going on Newsnight, wearing that turtleneck and looking like a French poet,” he says upon meeting his creator O’Reilly.

He then promises that he’ll “keep it calm” – so no clue as to whether he’ll change the act that saw him widely accused of misogyny last year and led to his (brief) demise.

The video was uploaded to Dapper Laugh’s YouTube page on Christmas Day, although the Casino Rooms appearance appears to be his first of the year.

The post has so far elicited one comment, which reads “PR disaster he’s a twunt,” and there are currently 28 people attending the event.

Dapper Laugh’s ITV2 show was cancelled after claims that he condoned rape as part of his act, and O’Reilly later appeared on Newsnight to defend his character to Emily Maitlis.

Here’s the Newsnight video in full:


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