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Who were the 10 most Googled men of 2014?

22nd January 2015

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Yesterday we brought you the UK’s most searched for women of 2014 – and so today, in the name of equality, it’s the turn of the boys.

Of the trillions of searches made on Google last year, we reckon around half a billion included the word “Cumberbatch.”

That’s just an estimate, though. And we’re probably wrong, because he didn’t win.

In fact, the winner in this extremely complex and prestigious competition finds himself in this position because, Google suggests, everyone was trying to find out where to buy his hat. Which we expect he’s very, erm, happy about.

It’s arguably a more varied and interesting list than the one of most Googled women, where Ariana Grande, Kylie Minogue and Kim Kardashian ruled supreme. The male list includes, alongside famous hat-wearers, actors, musicians, humanitarians, sportsmen, fictional characters... and one of David Beckham’s offspring. Although not David Beckham himself. Awkward.

Here you go.

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