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Westminster evacuated after intern causes bomb scare on his first day

17th November 2014

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Here’s what not to do on the first day of your internship: get a fairly substantial part of Central London evacuated after causing a bomb scare with your iPad.

It’s a great shame that this advice wasn’t offered early today, because we expect there are some cringing faces in Westminster this afternoon.

Portcullis House in Westminster was evacuated this morning, whilst the surrounding streets and nearby Waterloo Bridge were closed to the public after reports of a “suspect package.”

The incident began at around 9.30am, when MPS trying to access their offices in the riverside building, which is connected to the Palace of Westminister via an underground tunnel, were turned away.

Although police declined to say where the package was or give any further information, it later transpired that it was an uncharged iPad belonging to the brand new apprentice of Coalition minister Nick Bowles, which had been “positioned in such a way as to create a suspicious image.”

So, so awkward. 

Luckily the security scare was quickly resolved, and people were let back into the building at 10.30am – which was probably a blessed relief for everyone involved, not least the world’s now most mockable intern.

At 10:55am Skills and Equalities minister Boles tweeted that there had been an “exciting start” to his apprentice’s first day at work – with “the whole of Portcullis House evacuated cos of a security scare over his iPad!”

Ouch. If we’re cringing over the embarrassment of an intern causing such a major security lockdown, imagine how the poor lad is feeling this afternoon.

We expect he’s hiding his face, refusing to read the news and fending off a large barrage of mockery. Not without good reason. Sorry, intern.

Luckily it’s all worked out ok - Boles has declared that he “is not cross” with his intern, and that “every MP” should get one.

Err, we wouldn’t recommend it...

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