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David Cameron follows 'i Like Tits Daily' on twitter (it doesn't follow him back)

8th August 2014

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Oh, David Cameron. Things aren’t going very well for you on social media, are they?

Remember back in April, when the PM took to twitter to politely ask Scotland to stop thinking they could be their own country, and was promptly hit with a wall of panface/dish-face/snivelling pug-faced gimp abuse? (Reminder here.)

Well, thanks to the people at the Independent, we now have another reason to mock the social efforts of ol’ Cameron – because, as they have informed us this Friday morning, amongst the 366k twitter accounts that are followed by @Number10gov is one that gives followers a much needed daily dose of the old mammaries.  

Yes, that’s right – David Cameron’s office follows the inventively titled ‘i Like Tits Daily’, which describes itself as “The number one Twitter for hotties with nice boob. Only the hottest pics. Brought to you by @iLGDaily See who I'm FOLLOWING for more pics of girls.”

As you might have guessed, ‘i Like Tits Daily’ (creative use of capitalisation there – just adds so much to this story, doesn’t it?) posts lots of boobs. Lots and lots. And not just daily, either – hourly is more like it, over the last few days at least.

The PM’s office explains this tits-up by informing us that before 2009 all twitter accounts automatically followed back.

However,’ i Like Tits Daily’ only follows 13 accounts, and the PM’s office isn’t one of them.

We could make some jokes about massive tits here, but we just won’t.

It’s not the only questionable twitter handle that the PM’s office follows – there’s also a plus sized model who claims that she’s also an alien. Each to their own, we suppose.

Let’s not be too harsh, though. We’re sure David Cameron is allowed to enjoy tits daily, hourly, or even minutely, if he so wishes. It’s probably a Prime Minister’s privilege. In fact, it makes us think that he might be more human, less ham-faced lizard-creature than we previously thought.

Still. We all know the moral of this story, don’t we? Stay AWAY from social media, politicians. You know you’ll only make yourself look like a tit.

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