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Voters turn their backs on Scottish independence


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Voters are turning their backs on the bid for Scottish independence, according to a dramatic new poll that threatens to leave Alex Salmond’s hopes dashed at the last hurdle.

Now standing at just 39%, the support for a ‘Yes’ vote in September’s referendum is slowly moving further away, according to YouGov. Surveys suggest that voters are turning away due to a feeling that Scotland will somehow let them down.

  • September 18th 2014 - Scottish Referendum
  • May 7th 2015 – General Election
It is now the time for a ‘game changer’ in the Scottish barracks if they are to win the backing from their people in September. The ticking clock that is the Scottish referendum has now only 79 days until Scotland will vote on whether to stay in the UK or leave the UK. The vote will take place on September 18th, meaning that between now and then, time is previous and it will be a long, hard battle for the politicians sitting on each side. The retreating of the polls will strain not just in the Better Together camp but also party strategists looking to plan the 2015 general election campaign.

If Scotland rejects nationalism, the UK will still not be the same as it was before, because if four out of ten Scots vote for more power for Scotland their demands will have to be met, even if they reject the bid for independence. However, if it is a ‘Yes’ vote in September then the upcoming General Elections will be a sideshow for Scotland and therefore a colossal headache for the rest of the UK. There will be huge pressure on parties to make points in their manifesto about the devolution of Scotland in the United Kingdom.

Predictions right now show outcomes verging towards a ‘No’ vote in September and a Labour government coming in to power next May. Polls show that if the election was today the Labour party would win a modest majority as they stand five points ahead in the polls.

It could be said everything hangs on the results of the referendum results – from the immediate future of David Cameron being Prime minister, to the chances of a Labour government. Politically it all hangs in the balance. It is the first time in history that there is a fixed date for the Westminster vote, but the outcome is much less certain and no one seems to be able to predict the outcome of either the Scottish referendum or the General Election.

Time will tell but it is certain, as we grow closer to the day, politics will be on high alert.

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