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'It makes me smile that Ian is emotionless... he's my strong babe!' We talk to the people who are still supporting Ian Watkins


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Yesterday brought the news that former Lostprophets singer Ian Watkins is to spend up to 35 years in prison for child sex offences. Considering his heinous crimes, you might think this sentence would be well received.  

However, for some twitter users, Watkins' punishment was a cause for anger and confusion. And in some cases, existentialist musing.

We delved into the murky world of the Lostprophets superfans for whom the once-idolised lead singer can still, worryingly, do no wrong.

This admission was one of the first that we discovered, and it concerned the correct definition of 'megalolz':
















Oh, we must have misunderstood. He didn't try to sexually attack children (despite his admitted guilt and it being, you know, caught on camera) - it was just a joke! And everyone loves a good rape joke, especially when real human children are involved.

And then there was the person who was upset because Watkins' was "f****** scared:"


Ian Watkins 1






Prior to the sentence being announced, another twitter user spoke of how Watkins would be feeling scared in court awaiting his punishment, before expressing his/her desire for a short sentence to be handed down: 

Ian Watkins 2












The person who believes it's all a mistake because Ian Watkins just has a dark sense of humour (known only as 'istillloveyouwatkins') expressed his/her concern whilst the sentence was being considered, wishing him 'good luck.' And then, of course, explained that they are, in fact, actually Ian Watkins themselves. 


Ian Watkins 3


Also, people appeared to be having an argument about whether one of Watkins' co-defendants (the woman who offered up her own child for his perversions) was really as big a fan as was being suggested:






















People said more things, largely about how Watkins definitely wasn't dangerous and how stupid the judge was for, you know, ensuring that a dangerous paedophile was put away for a significant amount of time:




























Some threats of violence towards said judge were made, and the NSPCC was told exactly what it could do:













But hey, it's ok - because the kids won't remember it:


























Then it got really, really weird...





















Not the sort of reaction we might have expected following the sentencing of an undoubtedly dangerous sexual predator, but these things were actually tweeted by real, functioning people, who are out there in the world, living their lives and probably coming across as relatively normal.It is an interesting insight  into how far this kind of relentless superfandom/celebrity idolisation can spread. Defending a man who rapes babies because you identify with his emo lyrics? Our minds are blown.

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