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Selfies, emotional over-shares and your lunch: most annoying social media habits revealed

31st October 2013

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We’re probably all guilty of being that annoying Facebook person once in a while – but what are the habits that are most likely to get you rapidly de-friended?  

Research from Plusnet has revealed that the selfie is the most irritating social media mistake, quickly followed by over-sharing of feelings and use of colloquialisms such as the hungry tweeter’s favourite, ‘nom’.

The results also reveal that, whilst one in five find it satisfying to share their feelings on social media, a quarter of us would unfollow someone for doing just that.

As well as pouring out feelings, Britons love to boast about their holidays - with pictures and updates of their travels being the favourite of social media updates.

A sure-fire way to lose followers or friends is to excessively post selfies, with 20% of those asked saying they would delete someone for littering their timeline with pictures of themselves.

Men are nearly twice as likely (38%) to find photos of babies, pets and food irritating compared to their female counterparts (22%). In fact, women seem to actively enjoy this side of social media with 36% saying they find them satisfying to see.

Top five most popular social media posts:

Holiday photos/travelling updates (43%)

Funny stories/links/photos (42%)

Pictures of food/babies/pets (28%)

Checking in at different locations (22%)

Sharing feelings/moods/public displays of affection (20%)

Top five posts that will get you deleted from a friend list:

Selfies (20%)

Sharing feelings/moods/public displays of affection (20%)

Use of colloquialisms and made up words such as “nom” or counting in “sleeps” (14%)

Pictures of food/babies/pets (12%)

Exercise updates (10%)

Kelly Dorset, Head of Products and Digital Care at Plusnet said: “Our research shows, people don’t like to see other people sell themselves too much on social networks. It seems vital to strike a balance between talking about yourself, listening to others and also providing tips and content that friends or colleagues might find useful.

“Think before you unfollow – as the research shows you could well be posting updates that annoy other people.”

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