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How many people watch porn, stalk their exes and download illegally? Nation's online habits revealed

7th October 2013

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Ever wondered what other people get up to behind their computer screens?

All has been revealed – Ladbrokes Bingo has surveyed over 1,000 UK adults in a bid to find out the nation’s online habits.

And in the survey’s 18-24 year old bracket, some of the results might be surprising.

In terms of sex and relationships, only 55% say that they have watched ‘adult content’ online, which we think seems like a surprisingly small percentage. 20% have had cybersex, whilst an unlucky 11% of those surveyed said they had gone through a break-up as a result of something that was said on social media.

Social media-wise, 46% named Twitter as one of their top three social media platforms. We thought there would be more Twitter addicts around than this – but maybe that’s just us.

Unsurprisingly Facebook was the top social media site for young people, with 76% putting it in their top three. Instagram was third, with 22%, whilst 8% said that they don’t use social media sites at all.

Other media sharing sites such as Pinterest (10%), Google+ (11%) and Reddit (a minor 2%) appear to have fewer followers than we might have previously thought.

Also, 92% claim that they haven’t stalked anyone else via social media. We think there might be a bit of lying going on here...

Of those that do admit to online stalking, it is most likely to be of a love interest or a friend – both were admitted to by 78% of those surveyed, whilst 68% have checked up on what an ex is doing online.

In terms of work, LinkedIn is used by a relatively small 13%, and a happy 72% say that their social media profiles/activity haven’t had a negative effect on their career – although 19% said that this question wasn’t applicable, presumably because they hadn’t yet started work. Despite this, 60% admit to de-tagging pictures that have appeared on Facebook.

The results also show that 78% read the news online, whilst music (38%) and films (29%) are the most common things to be downloaded illegally.

Do the results reflect your own experience? Let us know how you use your social media below...

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