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Glasses that detect date rape drugs to go on sale in September


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Nightclubs could get a little safer now a new series of barware that can detect date rape drugs has been designed.

Michael Robinson and his company DrinkSavvy have invented cocktail stirrers, plastic party cups, straws and glassware which can detect GHB, Rohypnol (‘roofies’) and ketamine, the most common three drugs that are used in date rape.

The inventions came after a successful campaign raised $50,000 for the glassware to go on sale. It will be doing so this September.

So, how does it work?

On each glass there are invisible lines. If the drink has not been contaminated, then it will still remain clear. If it is contaminated with any of the three substances mentioned above, then the lines will turn red.

Date rape drugs have become extremely common in nightclubs in the past decade.  They are colourless and odourless and, once drunk, can result in loosing consciousness and memory loss for a certain amount of time. They have often been used in sexual assaults.

According to Robinson, a lawyer from Boston, an estimated 1 million people are drugged every year. He was unfortunate enough to experience this, as were three of his friends. This incident inspired him to make his product, which he now aims to sell in nightclubs, bars and colleges around the US. The products will initially will be sold online and then if successful, will go to rape crisis centres.  He also hopes to create bottle and can versions of his product.

There have been date rape products on the market before. In 2011, Isreali professors made the anti rape straw and earlier than that, a lip gloss called ‘2 Love My Lips' which contained discreet drug testing strips. However these two products will only test two of the drugs mentioned above, whereas DrinkSavvy’s will be testing all three.

These products will definitely be a help in the future, but for now we advise that when in a nightclub, you keep your glass or bottle with you at all times.

Vusit DrinkSavvy's Facebook page here.

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