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Children's Laureate Malorie Blackman demands more sex in teenage fiction

24th June 2013

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Children's Laureate Malorie Blackman has said that including more sexual content in books would allow young teens to learn about it safely rather than through innuendo and porn.

Similar opinions were shared by Melvin Burgess, whose 1996 novel Junk took on the subject of heroin-addicted teenagers.

Blackman said she came to this judgment after reading an article about a teenage girl who admitted that her boyfriend’s knowledge about sex only came from online porn. Blackman said that "he was brutalising her, because that's what he thought sex was about from watching online."

She added that said she would rather her own daughter read about sex in a book than going online out of curiosity.

She adds: "This is exactly why we need not just sex education in schools but also books that tackle the subject of relationships and your first time. Otherwise teens and young adults will get their information from somewhere and in this case he was getting it from online porn."

Burgess is in full support of Blackman’s claims. He highlighted the view that teenagers are increasingly showing interest and becoming more experimental with sex, but that being indoctrinated by sexual imagery online is not the best way to educate them.

As well as Junk Burgess's 2003 novel Doing It also caused controversy with its portrayal of underage sex. The book has now been made into a hit US series. 

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