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Dating survey reveals top three first date mistakes

2nd May 2013

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We all know the feeling – whether the date will turn up, worries over outfit choice, whether we’ll even have anything to talk about. First dates can often be nausea-inducing experiences, full of unseen hurdles that we don’t even realise we have to jump.

So, what is the one thing that both men and women identified as the most fatal first date mistake? What is the one thing we should avoid when and if they do actually show up?

The answer? ‘Conversational error.’ Yes, saying something stupid is deemed more off-putting than talking on the phone, texting, lateness or bad dress sense.  

In the study, carried out by dating agency Bowes-Lyon Partnership, more than 200 people were asked what they would find most off putting on a first date. They all agreed that a partner who talked non-stop about themselves was unattractive, unappealing and the quickest way to bring the date to a premature end.

Females were most vocal on this matter, with 100% saying that men who regaled them with life stories, career histories and family tales on the first date would be unlikely to get a second chance.

Those who talked about previous relationships and recent exes were also likely to be refused a second date.

Dating expert Natalie Bystram, co-founder of Bowes-Lyon Partnership said: “The results of our dating survey have been a real eye-opener in terms of where daters draw the line and what pet hates are enough to bring a budding relationship to a halt almost before it’s started.

“People talking non-stop about themselves was particularly problematic for our female respondents, who complained much more then male participants about the ‘me, me, me’ conversation.”

She continued: “The same applies to talking about an ex partner, which was also a massive stumbling block for many. It's important to be open but nobody wants to be a therapist on a first date.”

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