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Rise of the geek: girls admit they're attracted to tech savvy over brawn


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A new generation of tech-savvy male students are winning over the hearts and minds of their female counterparts according to research released today from computer upgrade site

Uni guys who know how to fix and upgrade technology are being duly dubbed “techno-sexuals”, with nearly two-thirds (59%) of ladies surveyed saying they most admire course mates who have the ability to improve their hardware.

It also appears that girls want a guy who can help them keep their computer up and running during term-time over one who can ensure their banger gets them home at the end of the semester - less than half (49%) said they still love a bloke who can tinker under the car bonnet.

Such is the increase in prowess of “techno-sexuals” that nearly 40% of guys surveyed admitted to having exaggerated about their tech credentials. Blokes admitted lying about their ability to mend and upgrade gadgets, computers and laptops in an attempt to impress the fairer sex.

Although the girls may well admire a guy who genuinely knows his stuff, guys that try to bluff it without the techno-sexual skills to back it up may well get caught out. Around 80% of ladies, with 18-24 year old girls being the worst, will never believe men that are all mouth and no action.

It could well be that learning basic computer upgrade skills could pay off. A massive 81% of those surveyed said they were experiencing the issue of a poorly performing computer or laptop, giving a multitude of opportunities to earn your Techno-sexual status.

The Techno-sexual trend seems to be growing as we become more dependent on technology in our everyday lives. In fact, 60% of people surveyed wished they knew more about technology over the likes of cars (33%), property (28%), music (17%), fashion (14%) or sport (11%).

“Heroes today are becoming more Mark Zuckerberg than Jeremy Clarkson, as our busy lives become increasingly dominated by our use of technology,” said Roddy McLean, a computer upgrade expert from  

“Technology impacts everyone’s lives, so it’s not surprising that people wish they had a better understanding of it and how to fix or upgrade it when it doesn’t perform. The truth is it’s not as hard, or as confusing, as people think. Upgrading the hard drive or memory in a computer may sound ‘techy’ and difficult, but it’s really easy and quick to do, if you follow the right guidance.”

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