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New app 'Drinking Mirror' shows effects of alcohol

14th January 2013

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The Scottish ‘Drop a Glass Size’ campaign has launched a new app called ‘Drinking Mirror’, which warns users about the effects of drinking too much alcohol.

‘Drinking Mirror’ is free to download and allows users to upload photos of themselves, which are then altered to reveal how they may look in ten years’ time if they keep up their current drinking habits.

The campaign is run by the Scottish government and aims to encourage people to cut back on their drinking if they regularly drink more than the recommended guidelines.

The campaign says that 49% of men and 38% of women exceed the recommended limits in a typical week, which is more than three to four units a day for men and more than two to three units a day for women. A standard glass of wine and a pint of lager are both 2.3 units each.

The app is specifically targeted towards women, as it takes women longer to recover from a heavy night of drinking. The campaign emphasises the short term and long term risks of excessive drinking, which include weight gain, skin problems, memory loss, depression, high blood pressure, chronic liver disease and breast cancer. “Regularly drinking over the sensible drinking guidelines can put our physical and mental health at risk,” the campaign warns.

The campaign deals with a long term problem in Scotland, where the number of alcohol-related deaths among women aged 30 - 44 has doubled in the last 20 years, and the chronic liver disease and cirrhosis death rate among the same age group has tripled since the 1980s.

If you want to download the app, or just want to find out more, go to:

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