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Introducing: Eden Lavelle


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London-based singer-songwriter Eden Lavelle is set to release his debut album Counting Softly Down the Years on 23rd August. 24-year-old Lavelle has been actively songwriting for five years, resulting in this carefully-crafted coming-of-age record, due to coincide with the one year anniversary of his graduation in music from the University of Nottingham. 

Image courtesy of Eden Lavelle

With an explorative sound world, the album travels through various styles, working to the advantage of Lavelle's eclectic musical background. The record touches on genres such as alternative rock, soft rock, folk and synth-pop, and creates anthems and ballads in these styles.

On 'Summer Daze', the album's first single, Lavelle nostalgically reflects upon life with a previous lover. He says, "Summer Daze was one of those songs, you know. There are songs that I’ve spent months [...] years writing and editing. That whole song happened in about half an hour. It was one of those times that everything kind of clicked. It was the summertime, three years ago."

Lavelle began piano lessons as a child, and his passion for music and song-writing soon followed. He reveals, "My first album and gig was Green Day’s ‘American Idiot’. I suppose one could say that was where the magic began! It’s still my fave album. I’ve always been enchanted by it." This conceptually ambitious album has inspired Lavelle in the way it follows a consistent narrative from start to finish.

Growing up, Lavelle felt the draw of several genres of music. His distinctive style reflects this broad taste, impressed on him from an early age, and the range of techniques acquired through formal education. Lavelle is classically trained on the piano, which he says gives him the extra tools to help refine his music. Instrumentally, he takes inspiration from the roots of rock and folk, nodding to the likes of Elton John. He also incorporates warm synths into his tracks to accentuate the feeling of nostalgia, which is a keynote throughout the album. Indeed, memory and reminiscence are major themes of the piece:

"The order of tracks tells a story that is aligned with my life, even though each song’s composition date does not always match this timeline. Despite being packed full of personal references and autobiographical meaning, I strive to keep the implications of each song broad, so that listeners feel able to project their own stories onto each song and actively participate in the music."

Counting Softly Down the Years is due for release on 23rd August, with the second single 'Tell Me' coming out this Friday.



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