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Your ultimate music festival survival guide


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The sun has finally graced the surface of the UK, the summer holidays are beginning, and the festival season is thoroughly underway. Whether it’s Bestival, Reading, or if you're fortunate to be travelling abroad to attend one of the many festivals that the rest of the world has to offer, our festival survival guide will ensure that you are prepared for any hurdle that is thrown at you.

We have compiled some top tips from fellow students and avid festival-goers. So, be it items that you should take or general advice that they wish they'd had, we have you covered so you can have the best possible experience at whichever festival you are planning to go to.  

Image Credit: Free-Photos on Pixabay.  

     1. Buy a portable charger

You’re going to be constantly using your phone for photos, communication, maps, and social media - to name just a few things. Very soon you’ll find yourself without any battery, so it’s worth always carrying a portable charger around with you. They are small, compact, and aren’t heavy. It will save you the worry of your phone running out of charge, especially if your group is splitting up to see different people.

      2. “Stick with your mates!” says Alice, a regular Reading Festival-goer

This seems simple enough, but when you are in a completely new city or country, in the middle of a mosh pit, or stumbling to locate your tent in the middle of the night, it is very easy to become separated and vulnerable. Be vigilant about who you are with and never leave on your own. Set up a WhatsApp or Facebook messenger group and keep everyone up to date with your whereabouts. Agree a meeting point that your group will head to if you split up. Most importantly, keep an eye on each other’s drinks (if you choose to drink at all!). In crowded environments, like festivals, it is easy to become distracted and have your drink spiked.

     3. Bring flip flops!

Ben argues that the British weather is notorious for taking an unexpected turn, resulting in a campsite that is muddy and wet. Flip flops are a simple cheap and easy slip-on-shoe for when walking around the campsite.  


      4. Invest in an ‘around-the-waist’ or 'bum' bag

Esme says that whilst also having the added benefit of keeping your hands free, this bag will help prevent theft or stop your possessions from falling out of pockets, meaning that you have your valuables in sight at all times. You can never be too careful! This type of bag also keeps your possessions in front of your body, rather than in a rucksack behind (which someone could easily open). Many of these bags are also extremely small and can be concealed under t-shirts, so you won't be annoying others in close proximity by carrying something clunky.


     5. "Pack earplugs!" says Katherine

If you are attending a festival for a couple of days and are camping overnight, these will come in handy - campsites are noisy at all hours and you will want to be well-rested so you can enjoy yourself. It also helps if your friends are loud snorers! Furthermore, ear plugs will help minimise damage to your ears from exposure to loud music. 


     6. Sam says, “a first aid kit is the one essential item you need”

You never know when you, or a friend, will need a plaster or a painkiller. It is also worth locating the medical facilities tent (if the festival has one!) or familiarising yourself with the medical emergency procedures of another country if the festival is outside of the UK. This is especially important if one of your friends has a health condition, such as asthma or diabetes. 


    7. Organisation is the key to getting the most out of festivals

Emily says, “Always plan out exactly who you want to see so that you don’t miss anything, especially if you’re going to a day festival like Citadel, Community and Dot to Dot. Don’t make your plans too rigid though; it’s fun to go and discover new people and just see what takes your fancy!”


   8. Protection from the sun is essential

Festivals are often out in the open air, with little shade from the summer sun. Therefore wear a hat, carry sun cream, ensure that you are always hydrated, and wear sunglasses. Chloe recalls spending all day out at Glastonbury last year without any sun protection measures in place. She regretfully remembers that her legs, chest, arms, and face, were a very bright shade of red for the rest of her trip due to the sunburn.

   9. Be money-smart

James wishes that he knew of better ways to save money whilst attending festivals after his GCSEs. He says that it's helpful to take out a set amount of cash that you want to spend for the entire weekend before you leave. That way you can physically see what your budget is. Of course take debit and credit cards with you in case of emergencies - however, store them at the bottom of your rucksack to make them as inaccessible as possible.

   10. “Camp somewhere where you can actually find your tent"

Whilst it may be easy to pitch up your tent in any available space, logically think about where you want to set up camp. Will you remember that the tent is there? Is it easily locatable? How far away from the toilets is it? These are all factors that you should take into account when picking a location. Try to position yourself somewhere you can easily locate and you won’t have any problems in getting back to your tent after an action-packed day.

So, there you have it. With the help of our tips from experienced festival attendees, you should be able to have a more carefree and fun festival experience. 

Lead Image Credit: Free-Photos on Pixabay.  

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