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Fresher Sounds - The best new music - 23/07/19


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We are reaching the peak of summer - the sun is beating down and people are flocking to beer gardens left, right and centre to make the most of the glorious weather. In amongst all that merry-making, however, new music is being released. Let's take a look at our fresh picks for this week.

Fresher Sounds // Cover by Meddies 

Brightness - Dallas

Australian singer-songwriter Alex Knight is the man behind the name Brightness, bringing us his fab new single 'Dallas'. Knight describes the piece as a spiritual exploration and the feeling of being in that state of contemplative discovery.

While it appears slightly hazy and in a cloudy state at first, 'Dallas' soon erupts into euphoric French horn sounds and releases itself from the fug. Knight is a man on a mission and does not shy away from letting the listener experience his thoughts.

Galileo's Fan - I Won't Be Found

Emerging out of bonny Scotland, the duo Galileo's Fan prepare to release their debut album I Won't Be Found. The album is set to be released on 16th September with the title track out now. 

Comparable with the likes of Of Monsters and Men, the duo combines soft electronics and indie-pop with traditional folk sounds. The track truly sparkles with harmonies and warm melodies.

Miss June - Enemies

New Zealand four-piece Miss June hit us with new single 'Enemies'. The first track to be released off of their forthcoming album 'Bad Luck Party', it features the sounds which the band are known for - grunge punk and bellowing guitars. 

The song is about finding who you are when in a relationship and the confusion and insecurities that surround this. One thing is for certain, this Auckland group are fierce.

Joviale - Taste of The Heavens

Joviale is back with the release of her new single 'Taste of The Heavens'. Drawing themes from Ancient Greek mythology, the song focuses on how easy it can be to become fixated on one's reflection.

This is different for Joviale, following a more conventional pop structure yet still keeping that distinct ethereal sound in there that we know and love.

Maven Grace - Me Vs. The Volcano

Maven Grace release new single 'Me Vs. The Volcano', a song about surviving and conquering despite overwhelming odds. We can hear the defiance throughout the track, a true fiery nature taking focus in this piece. 

The band explore sounds akin to 1940s Hollywood soundtracks, taking inspiration from music from decades past to develop their modern sound. 

Ellen Krauss - On The Bus

Scandanavian pop alert! Swedish pop artist Ellen Krauss returns with her new single 'On The Bus', releasing a vibrant video alongside the track. At only 18, she is already storming the Swedish pop scene.

Her track explores the relatable theme of unrequited teenage love. Krauss is a good example of a whole new generation of Scandi pop talent bubbling up to the surface right now.

Ead Wood & The Heights - Plum Cake 

What we have all been waiting for - an indie-pop bop! 'Plum Cake' has that immediate summer feeling that we all need to go outside and enjoy the sunshine. 

This infectious track is nothing but full of colour, lifting our spirits with its catchy rhythms. Ead Wood and co. are turning heads with this track, mixing surfer pop with singing guitar riffs.

CASSELS - The Queue At The Chemists

If there is one thing that's consistently grabbing headlines, it's the climate crisis. CASSELS hit us with their new track 'The Queue at The Chemists' which explores the harrowing topic of impending climate catastrophe and the irreparable damage that has already been done to the planet. CASSELS take on a fresh angle on the topic in this track, stressing how people are still not changing their ways to fix the earth. It's a hard-hitting take that everyone should take a moment to listen to. 

Freja Frances - The Wolf

Freja Frances sets out to make us feel emotional with her latest track 'The Wolf'. Prepare to be drawn in with this fairytale piece about two young people with mental illness, and the social stigma that still surrounds it. The track explores how they try to support each other but still feel the 'wolf' is not far behind them.

Ed Tattersall - Never Believe

Ed Tattersall shares his new single 'Never Believe'. Its upbeat rhythm gets you in the mood to dance and its infectious sentiment will leave you finding yourself singing long after the track ends. It's certainly one we'll be blaring throughout the summer months.

Lead image: Fresher Sounds // Cover by Meddies 

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